Bar-Fab of Florida


Powder Coating
Powder Coating is a hard paint coating available in a wide array of colors.  It's scratch resistant and durable.  Colors can be matched or custom ordered.  Powder Coating is environmentally friendly.  No solvents are released into the air and unused paint is recovered.
Mill Finish
Mill Finish is a natural aluminum finish as it comes from the rolling mill or the extrusion mill.  It has no external mechanical or chemical finishing.   It is relatively low cost and is eco-friendly.

Anodized Finish
Anodizing is a electrolytically formed finish.  Anodizing provides a rich, metallic finish. The finish becomes part of the metal so there's never any danger of paint peeling.  It's usually used in high traffic areas or areas where it's exposed to harsh elements.  A anodized finish will give railing a long life with minimal maintenance.  Finish colors include clear, silver, green, gold, black, red, purple, titanium, nickel and gray. Bright Dip and Satin anodized finishes are also available.